Final Fantasy Mobius Magicite Farming… while you sleep.

This is how you would farm normally.

go to Chapter 1: Blank

and play the node, over and over and over again. It is super boring and tedious. You would need to play this node thousands of times to get your 20000 magicite per month.

But there is an easier way:

Play normally throughout the day. Have fun and do all the story challenges. When you go to bed, have your machine farm magicite for you. When you wake up in the morning you are around 1500 magicite richer. That is worth $10. In 10 days you would have $100 worth of magicite! In 2 weeks, you would have made your 20000 magicite over $150 worth of magicite. Sweet.

For $30 I will give you the scripts to get this done. Not only that, I will teach you to create your own scripts so you can farm other games. You will not have to waste your time farming tediously to get ahead anymore.